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Valid through: November 30th, 2020

Blue Light Blocking Glasses – Only $59.00 – Protect Your/Your Child’s Eyes While Remote Working/Learning

Based on requests from patients to share this offer, we are opening it up to the public so feel free to share with friends, family, co-workers, fellow classmates, or anyone you would like to help.  

As schools remain closed and students have converted to remote learning, children’s usage of digital devices has dramatically increased. Likewise, many people have switched to working remotely from home which has increased ‘screen time’ greatly as well.

Computer screens, smartphones, tablets, and other digital devices all emit blue light.  While some wavelengths of blue light are beneficial by helping to regulate a person’s mood and cognitive performances, other wavelengths can be harmful. Studies have shown that long-term and continuous exposure to the harmful wavelengths of blue light could contribute to disruptions in sleep patterns, digital eye strain, and even long-term damage of your eyes.

Additionally, the screens of digital devices produce a considerable amount of reflection and glare. Bright reflections and glare can cause irritation, eye strain, headaches, and other discomfort.

The doctors of Pacific EyeCare strongly recommend that students, as well as adults now forced to work at home remotely, wear anti-reflective blue blocking glasses when working on digital devices.

We know that these glasses are being offered online for extremely low prices. We suggest that you be careful when considering these items. The poor optical quality in these lenses could do more harm than good.

To that end, given the current climate, Pacific EyeCare Optometry is doing what we can to care for our family. We are offering a high quality, anti-reflective, blue light blocking, non-prescription glasses for you and your kids. The lenses are of an ophthalmic quality and made of a polycarbonate material (an impact resistant material). The glasses will block harmful blue and ultra-violet light and reduce reflections/glare protecting your and your child’s eyes.

Given the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our children’s lives and many people’s financial situations, we are offering these glasses for the dramatically reduced price of $59.00 (regular price $150). Each pair is assembled at Pacific EyeCare to insure the high quality you normally expect from us.

Above are the frames currently being offered. If you would like to purchase a pair, please fill out and submit the form below and we will contact you so we can complete the order or give us a call (310) 390-6287.

The glasses can be shipped directly to you or you can pick them up at the office (via a front door pick up service or a scheduled pick with adjustment).

Finally, during this pandemic and due to the very low cost, we are unable to provide refunds/returns or exchanges on these orders.


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